BGM: "Inside the Castle Walls" from Super Mario 64
Stage Count: 1 (Tutorial)
World Gallery
This grand castle serves as the hub for all the game's stages. Each 'world' is a separate gallery. The galleries are locked up at the start and require star keys to open. Collect stars to open boss doors, and defeat bosses for star keys. With eight galleries chock full of portraits, there's just tons to see!

Entering a picture is as simple as jumping near the center of the painting and holding the down key. It's like Super Mario 64, but not! The lands beyond have just one star each, and you can jump in front of the painting to see if you found it already. Though one of the paintings is rumored to be five-star...

"SMBX for Dummies" is the only stage in the lobby, and it's just a tutorial level.


All over the gallery, you'll find canvases that spawn all sorts of beneficial items. The most common ones produce mushrooms, which come in many different styles, but all serve to power you up.

Aside from mushrooms, they've also been known to produce springboards, propeller blocks, and even donut blocks. Star keys open up new spawnvases with more helpful power-ups in the bonus room.


The World Gallery is quite the popular hang-out, as many different characters can be seen there. These include the storyteller Pyth, the stealthy cat girl Kelly, Bowser and his kids, and visitors from far-away websites. Of course, Eli's there to ruin the show. Er, run. Run the show.

No matter who you encounter in the World Gallery, it's a completely neutral zone. Nothing there will hurt you; not even the fish.

The Lock BoxEdit

Lock Box
This handy block serves a very specific purpose in the World Gallery. Hitting it twice will automatically unlock the doors to every gallery AND create doors that connect them to the bonus room.

The downside to this miracle worker? It doesn't stay hit! Each time the hub is returned to, the doors are reset to normal. It can be used as a substitute for star keys, but only temporarily, and it won't get you into Management or the bonus vaults.

Secrets (Spoilers!)Edit

Every good castle has its secrets, and the World Gallery has more than its share. Some are more obvious than others, so here's a look at each gallery and its tricks.

Gallery 1: RenaissanceEdit

BGM: "Hello, Happy Kingdom" from Super Mario RPG
Mushroom Style: Super Mario Bros.
Mini-Boss: Larry Koopa
Boss: Punchinello
Stars Needed: 6
Stage Count: 9 (1 Bonus)
Guest: Lemmy Koopa

The first gallery sports the look of a traditional SMW castle. It has tall spaces between its floors, but you can use the spawnvas springboards to move between them.

You'll find Lemmy Koopa here searching for his brother. This gallery's secret area is at the top of the room.


Any character with a leaf can fly to get inside this alcove, but if you're stuck on the ground, it's still accessible. Just grab a springboard out of one of the spawnvases and take it to the third floor. Bouncing up to "The Nightmare Universe" is a long as you're not Link.

Gallery 2: VenetianEdit

BGM: "Beanbean Kingdom" from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Mushroom Style: Super Mario Bros. 2
Mini-Boss: Robirdo
Boss: Arrghus
Stars Needed: 15
Stage Count: 9 (1 Bonus)
Guest: Percy the Persimmon

This gallery has tall, thick windows, pass-through floors with portrait displays, and a hidden attic. Moving between floors is done with the blue pendant, which turns you into a fairy and lets you fly freely. Sorry, you won't remain a fairy if you enter a picture.

Percy is visiting in the top-left corner of the room, and the passage to the secret is near him.


Flying up through the open window is an obvious step, but you can't get into the loft from here. You have to fly above the top of the screen and head to the right. You'll find the real entrance to "Mario's Dream Land" on the other side.

Gallery 3: MannerismEdit

BGM: "Welcome to Bukki Tower" from Super Mario RPG
Mushroom Style: Super Mario Bros. 3
Mini-Boss: Iggy Koopa
Boss: Nova Ball
Stars Needed: 24
Stage Count: 10 (2 Bonus)
Guest: Morton Koopa

This gallery is in the castle's gloomy basement. It has hanging lights and elevator platforms that rise and descend for movement between floors. It's one of the largest galleries, even without the secret on the deepest floor.

Morton Koopa fits right in with the dungeon's looks, but it seems Iggy isn't anywhere to be found.


The secret in this gallery is so far down, that it's just barely visible at the bottom of the screen. To find it, you need only seek the way lower. One of the shafts on the bottom floor isn't sealed, so jump in when it's not blocked by the elevator. You'll find "Forest of Cold Silence" and "Cloudsdale Sanctuary" waiting in the depths.

Gallery 4: BaroqueEdit

BGM: "Love is in the Air" from Yoshi's Story
Mushroom Style: Super Mario All-Stars (SMB)
Mini-Boss: Phanto Koopas
Boss: Giant Lakitu
Stars Needed: 32
Stage Count: 9 (1 Bonus)
Guest: Aristocrab

This is the first gallery on the 2nd floor, and it stretches way, way up. Ascending its heights requires swimming through the water bubbles floating between floors. The room also wraps, so going off-screen will move you to the opposite side. This aspect is key to finding the gallery's secret.

Of course, Aristocrab's too busy breaking the fourth wall to help.


To reach the high bubble on the right, you have to jump off-screen from the bubble on the left. Keeping level wrap in mind, finding the portrait for "Backin' Up" is a piece of cake.

Gallery 5: NeoclassicalEdit

BGM: "Poshley Heights" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Mushroom Style: Super Mario All-Stars (SMB2)
Mini-Boss: Boneheads
Boss: Ghoma
Stars Needed: 40
Stage Count: 10 (2 Bonus)
Guest: Super Squad Kirby

This gallery is a breath of fresh air, what with being in the castle's courtyard and all. The lofty shrines house all the gallery's portraits, and propeller blocks are the only provided mode of transportation. Sorry, Link!

Super Squad Kirby's hanging out way on top of the aquarium tower. He came all the way from a fan comic series just to visit! D'aww!


It's this same aquarium tower that holds the secret portraits, which you can see plainly beneath Kirby. But how to get in? Even a propeller block can't clear the gap...however, if you drop down behind the tower, you'll find a mysterious block that raises the water level! But even with the water up, you still can't make the jump. You'll need the propeller block after all! That's okay, though; "Cursed Funklen" and "Cowabunga!" are totally worth the effort.

Gallery 6: RomanticismEdit

BGM: "Margarie Margarita" from Super Mario RPG
Mushroom Style: Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Mini-Boss: Wendy O. Koopa
Boss: Machine for Pigs
Stars Needed: 48
Stage Count: 10 (2 Bonus)
Guest: Roy Koopa

This is the first gallery on the third floor, and it too stretches far upwards. The right side of the tower opens up to some nice balconies. Helpful cloud platforms will keep you from falling to your doom. While it's possible to jump between floors with a little momentum, it's much easier to climb the vines.

Roy is here to chat with, but he laments that Wendy couldn't come with them. She had a conflicting obligation, you see.


The secret for this gallery is above all the normal floors. A vine block from the highest balcony can get you there, but the entrance is sealed with brown blocks. You have to hit the P-Switch further down to get through, but you gotta be fast to get back up in time!

Or, you could just carry the P-Switch higher up and activate it there. However you do it, you'll find "Path to Darkness" and "Bublar Temple" hidden inside.

Gallery 7: RealismEdit

BGM: "Baby Bowser's Lullaby" from Yoshi's Story
Mushroom Style: Super Mario World
Mini-Boss: Ludwig Von Koopa
Bonus Mini-Boss: Dr. Toadly
Boss: Mother Mastermind
Stars Needed: 56
Stage Count: 10 (2 Bonus)
Guest: Bowser

The 7th gallery is themed around switch blocks and rail lifts. Blue platforms move you between floors, while green blocks cross vast expanses. The secret area can be seen underneath an inactive yellow rail lift, and the yellow switch on the highest balcony outside.

Don't worry; Bowser's too busy complaining about his portrait in the back to be bothered with you.


The key to this secret's in the ceiling. Ride the rail lits above the boss door, and jump through the hole in the roof. Follow the path to the left, hit the yellow switch, and the yellow rail lift will let you access "Glass Cannon" and "Industrial Failure."

Gallery 8: ImpressionismEdit

BGM: "Castle/Fortress" from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Mushroom Style: Super Mario RPG
Mini-Boss: Ratty 165
Boss: Master Hand
Bonus Boss: Silencer
Stars Needed: 64
Stage Count: 9 (1 Bonus)
Guest: Hylian Odyssey Link & Navi

The final gallery has lots of breathing room. Hanging platforms and donut blocks can be used to move between floors, but the Clown Car in the bottom-right is also an option. Once again, the secret can be found at the top.

Link's waiting near the red switch you need to hit, but he seems to have a secret of his own. After you beat Master Hand, you'll find Navi here instead.


With Link so close by, it might seem like a hint that you should have Link down-stab the switch to activate it. However, any character can hit this switch while riding the Clown Car! If you move as close to the ceiling as possible and slam down, the car will smash the switch, opening the way to "Mario Core" on the other side of the gallery.


BGM: "Angry Bowser" from Paper Mario
Mushroom Style: Heart Container
Boss: Eli
Final Boss: Slender Eli
Stars Needed: 4 (star keys)
Stage Count: 1
Guest: Almighty Thing

The Management section is nothing more than a gloomy stairwell. The final portrait sits at the top, and it has five stars to find. Since this is the end-game area, it contains no bonus stages or secrets.

Almighty Thing, along with Pyth and Kelly, each have their own foreboding piece to offer. But where did Link go?


Eli stops guarding the entrance when he retreats to Management, so you can explore in front of the castle now. An invisible block hides above the lone tree, which reveals a top secret pipe! It grants you access to a hidden chamber under the moat. Link waits inside with seven 1-Ups worth of portraits.