Creator: apa649
BGM: "Twilight Trail" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
Suits: 2
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: Yes
5-4 The Sinister Side
This morbid stage has an odd atmosphere. The unnatural terrain, foliage, and creepy music give it a spooky vibe. The undead monsters certainly don't help, nor does the appearance of a mysterious figure.

Kelly warns you in advance not to touch the Boo heads. They're immune to all attacks, and touching them always hurts. They vanish when they hit you, but at what cost? Even stranger...why are you supposed to play as Link here?

Secret SuitsEdit

5-4 Suit1

The hammer suit is seen in this bubble near the end of the first section. If you press the skull switch down below, the evil figure appears, taking the suit with him. The fence to climb up also appears, so you can't ascend the cliff without hitting the switch.

However, if you found the feather earlier, you can get a running start and fly up to grab this hammer suit instead of hitting the switch.

5-4 Suit2

Whether you got the hammer suit or not, the pit at the bottom of the hill it was on is safe to fall in. A coin trail even leads right down into the hole. Inside is a secret alcove where the figure taunts you again. He vanishes when the switch is pressed, but he leaves the tanooki suit and extra life. The exit puts you up with the 4th RMN coin.

Other SecretsEdit

5-4 Secret1

It doesn't seem like the first secret should be how to reach the Link block, but it is. An invisible block sits in the middle of the four coins, and you can use it to reach the Link block. But you can just enter as Link from the hub, so...

5-4 Secret2

The feather in the first section is hidden in an invisible block above a springboard. It's the only feather this early in the stage, and it's the only way you can get the hammer suit later. Follow the rupee trail to the RMN coin later; jump straight up for the feather!

5-4 Secret3

Just beyond the hidden feather, an invisible block contains a stash of rupees. Link bops them all out of the block at once, so you don't have to jump a lot.

5-4 Secret4

A second invisible block is filled with riches. It's in the pit with the checkpoint against the wall on the left.

5-4 Secret5

One last invisible block appears at the start of the final section. It's a safe distance from the cliff, so no worries of hitting your head.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the springboard in the first section.
  2. High in the air shortly after coin #1.
  3. On a hill shortly before the hammer suit.
  4. On the ledge before the checkpoint.
  5. Above a Bonehead spawner near the level's end.

Mini-Boss: BoneheadsEdit

5-4 Fight
Not so much a fight as it is a swarm of minions. Leave it to a mysterious figure to make others do their dirty work. The Boneheads appear at the top of the screen and pounce down on you. If they're on the ground, Link can ruin them all with one sword laser (if you got the hammer suit).

If stuck with only his normal weapon, jumping on them and bouncing as high as possible is relatively safe. Just beware of their unpredictable jumping. Their mouths move a little faster before a pounce, but how high or far they'll go can't be said.