Creator: nin8halos
BGM: "Haunted House BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: No
2-2 The Scream

This level is themed after the classic painting it bears the name of. What, were you thinking of the crappy horror movie series?

The boos hide their shocked expressions when you're facing them, but the trailing ones go howling by. There are also dry bones to avoid in this semi-aquatic ghost house stage. It feels like it has so much to hide, but the truth is more simple than you may think.


2-2 Life1

All three of the stage's 1-Ups are hidden in the same spot. You can see them below the boardwalk outside, but how to get down there is a mystery. Finding the way is a double-secret!

First, you need to reach this door in the flooded interior. You can only get up there while the P-Switch is activated, so you have to swim very quickly.

2-2 Life2

In the chamber beyond, all you'll find is a feather in a ? block. This is where the true secret is hidden. Fly up over the wall and you'll find a door on the right. Through it, the three 1-Ups wait in their blocks.

Just make sure you don't hit all the blocks at once, or the shrooms will zip away and sink before you can grab them.

Other SecretsEdit

2-2 Secret1

With the extra lives as its big secret, there really isn't much else hidden in the stage. The normal power-ups you find are ice flowers, but you'll find feathers inside the less convenient ? blocks. You just have to bother to get them.

2-2 Secret2

The high platform in the first interior section isn't so easy to jump to. Characters with a spin jump can bounce off a boo to reach it, and Peach can hover across, but Link has it tough. He needs to use his fairy jump to clear the gap. At least there's an RMN coin up there.

You'll need this same trick for the final RMN coin as well, so try to keep a feather for the fairy boy.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Under the pier before the first building.
  2. Above the ? block after the first building.
  3. On the high platform in the first interior section.
  4. To the right below the checkpoint.
  5. In the air before the last building.