Creator: Davenport
BGM: "The Port of Adia" from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Fight BGM: "Koopaling BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: Yes
1-4 The Port of Adia

This stage takes its name from its BGM, The Port of Adia. It couldn't have less to do with shooting dinosaurs, though. The busy shipyard is bustling with moles and shy guys. Kelly advises you to watch for different ? blocks; these are the switches you need to activate to enter the ship.

In spite of its multiple routes under and over the ships, it has very few secrets. Finding the switch blocks is your main goal. Well, and beating Larry Koopa, of course.


1-4 Life

The stage's lone 1-Up is hidden just well enough to miss. It's above the burning building, but you can't reach it without hitting the green switch. If you don't backtrack after activating the green blocks, you'd never know it was there.

Other SecretEdit

1-4 Secret

A handy trick you can pull inside the ship can score you some coins. You need to hit a P-Switch to reach the boss room, but there's a springboard near the tall wall of blocks. If you put the springboard near the pipe, you can bounce up and collect all the coins before they revert.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the crates on the first ship.
  2. On the mast of the first ship.
  3. Under the front of the second ship.
  4. On the back of the second ship.
  5. Inside the ship above an invisible block.

Mini-Boss: Larry KoopaEdit

1-4 Fight

Larry's here for a classic SMB3 fight, though with a lot more breathing room than usual. Watch out for spell rings and his sudden high jumps. Three hits on the head will take him out, but you can soften him up with fireballs even when he's hiding in his shell.