What can even be said about the hosts of the RMN World event? Although many contributed to the project, it was on their shoulders that the burden of completion fell. They worked as best they could, making levels and squabbling occasionally, but in the end producing a truly enjoyable game. Each of them appears at the end of the final level, but their presence hardly does them justice. The blood, sweat, and tears they poured into RMN World is evident in its quality.



The head judge and the one responsible for the whole mess. If it wasn't for his self-insert and unyielding determination to face the series' past, RMN World would not be what it is today.



Although he couldn't devote his full attention to the project, Deckiller definitely made his mark. His representation as Majora's Mask's moon is mostly due to his avatar at the time (seen in the lobby of Our Gracious Host), but also in part from his feelings of stress and exhaustion at the time. Hey, let's see you make a Mario game this good when you're working 60 hours a week!



The resident art school graduate; he was responsible for all the stages related to actual works of art, and his discerning eye shaped many a level into something both visually sound and enjoyable to play. He's a true blue Mega Man fan, thus his choice of Fez Wily as an avatar.



The sadistic one; representing himself as Firebrand of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, where he draws much of his inspiration from. He and halibabica often disagreed on things, but they saw their arguments through and both had to yield on multiple occasions. Greatness isn't always found in harmony, but also in respecting each others differences and being able to admit one's mistakes.


Don't let the terrifying rabbit exterior scare you off. Keinor's an all-around good guy. He's an avid game designer, has a love of old Mario games, and even does Let's Plays when the mood strikes him. His design sense improved greatly between RMN Bros. 3 and RMN World, and it served him well in his duties as a judge.

The scary bunny man sprite was made from scratch by halibabica, but based on Keinor's avatar at the end of production.