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Super RMN World is a community collaborative project made in Super Mario Bros. X. It's the 5th game in the Super RMN Bros. line; a series of similar projects that have run on over the years.

This event was judged by halibabica, Deckiller, nin8halos, Isrieri, and DarklordKeinor. They oversaw the critique and approval of the stages submitted to the project to ensure a high-quality end result. With 78 levels in total, they certainly had their work cut out for them! But it was all worth it. This episode is leaps and bounds greater than everything in the series prior.

Download Super RMN World from its game page at!

Level List

Character List

Boss List


halibabica (10 levels)

Deckiller (4 levels)

nin8halos (7 levels)

Isrieri (6 levels)

DarklordKeinor (8 levels)

Deckiller & Isrieri (2 levels)

The Five Judges (1 level)


apa649 (2 levels)

Blitzen (1 level)

Davenport (4 levels)

Desmo360 (1 level)

jackalotrun (1 level)

Jparker1984 (1 level)

kentona (4 levels)

lonestarluigi (1 level)

masterofmayhem (4 levels)

pyrodoom (3 levels)

Ratty524 (8 levels)

seiromem (8 levels)

Solitayre (1 level)

wildwes (2 levels)

Latest activity

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