Creator: DarklordKeinor
BGM: "Zanarkand Ruins" from Final Fantasy X-2
Sky BGM: "Athletic" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Fight BGM: "Birdo" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB2)
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
3-4 Shy Guy Desert Raid

This sprawling desert is chock full of shy guys and their riches...but some of those coins were stolen! Among the usual and RMN coins lie eight red coins, which are (thankfully) optional to collect.

Iggy Koopa's teamed up with the shy guys in their takeover of the desert. Do the nomaditoads a favor and clear them out!

Hammer SuitEdit

3-4 Suit

The hammer suit and one of the extra lives are hidden together as your reward for finding the merchant's eight red coins. They're scattered all across the map, but here's where you can find them:

1. Above the small vase at the start.

2. Inside the first cobrat vase.

3. In the building between the first two cobrat vases.

4. On a shelf inside the merchant's house.

5. On top of the merchant's house.

6. Inside a building near the end of the stage.

7. In the sky secret (see below).

8. Above the final building.

Once all the coins are collected, a chime sounds to let you know. The pipe at the end of the stage leads back to the merchant's house for your reward. The pipe goes both ways, but the red switch seals it until you reach the end. It may be tough to get, but the battle at the end is a breeze with the hammer suit.


3-4 Life

The only other 1-Up in the stage is also above the merchant's house. It's in an invisible block on the left side of the roof.

Other SecretsEdit

3-4 Secret

True to its SMB2 desert roots, nearly every vase can be entered. The rewards vary from pot to pot and aren't very lucrative. There's an RMN coin in one and a red coin in another, but otherwise, there's not much to speak of.

3-4 Secret2

This vine leads to the sky secret. It's in a set of blocks shortly before the end of the stage, and immediately after red coin #6. It leads to red coin #7 and a handful of other coins up above, so it's required to get the hammer suit.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On the second building.
  2. Atop the building with the orange pipe.
  3. Above the building with the checkpoint.
  4. In the final cobrat vase.
  5. Above a set of blocks near the level's end.

Mini-Boss: Iggy KoopaEdit

3-4 Fight

Iggy's abandoning the usual fighting style of the koopa kids in favor of Mouser's way of handling things. He madly chucks bombs at you, hoping to catch you in their explosions. The only way to retaliate is to throw them right back at him.

However, other projectiles can come in handy. If you got the hammer suit earlier, it can trash him with ease. He's also vulnerable to fire, but there are no fire flowers in the stage. Whichever way you beat him, you'll get your star and free the desert from the shy guys.