Creator: seiromem
BGM: "Shy Guy's Toy Box" from Paper Mario
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
Suits: 2
1-Ups: 5 (1 Moon)
Kelly: Yes
2-6 Shy Guy's Toy Box

This stage is as fun and fanciful as its name suggets. Most of the platforms are built out of Legos, there are giant ice flowers and koopa kid portraits hung everywhere, bouncy balls, conveyor belts, and shy guys just partying all over the place.

Kelly's at the start to tell you how all this happy-go-lucky crap makes her sick. As one may expect from a toy box belonging to mischievous little imps, it's loaded with secrets.

Secret SuitsEdit

2-6 Suit1

The hammer suit is hidden close to the start, but getting it is a little tricky. Normally, you need the bouncy ball to reach the upper floor, but if you jump off the green shy guy instead, you can bring the ball with you.

Take it to the left, where you'll find a vase spawning yellow shy guys. Set the ball on top and bounce off it to the ledge above. The hammer suit waits in a big block up there.

2-6 Suit2

The tanooki suit doesn't appear until the end of the stage, and depending on which route you take, you could miss it. It's down the middle shaft, so you mustn't take the high or low roads to find it.

To get in the middle path, you'll need something to jump off of. A green shy guy is carrying a snifit near here. Toss away the snifit and let the shy guy boost you up. Or, you could bring the shy guy down the low road and get the suit from beneath.


2-6 Life1

The stage's first 1-Up is right at the start! Hop in the hole to the left and jump to find the invisible block containing it.

2-6 Life2

Near the end of the first floor, an arrow of coins points into a pit. Jumping down, you'll find a pipe that leads to a treasure trove. The extra life floats in a bubble above the coins. Use the spawning bouncy balls to reach it.

2-6 Life3

The 3-Up moon is hidden in the same chamber as life #2. Take a bouncy ball, toss it aside, and grab the next one that spawns. Set one on the exit vase and bounce up to the ledge above. From there, bounce off the second into the middle of the room. The moon floats in a bubble at the top.

Other SecretsEdit

2-6 Secret

There are ice flowers you'll encounter normally, but half of them are hidden in high places. Take any nearby bouncy ball and hop up to collect them. They're dispersed throughout the stage.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the cloud near the start.
  2. Above a bouncy ball after the hammer suit.
  3. Between two conveyor belts on the second floor.
  4. Above a green shy guy partway through the second floor.
  5. Above a green shy guy on the third floor.


Originally, this stage used standard SMB2 enemies, but they were all changed to Yoshi's Island shy guys and snifits by halibabica. This was to match their sprites with the background ones on turnstyles. The incosistency was pointed out by nin8halos, but never acted on until the final phases of the project.