Creator: Deckiller
BGM: "Dire, Dire Docks" from Super Mario 64
Interior BGM: "Underworld" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB3)
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 5 (1 Moon)
Kelly: No
1-3 Shroom Lake

This peaceful, quiet lakeside serves to slow things down a tad. You can explore both inside and out of the lake, so even though the stage isn't very long, there's plenty to see.

Among the smaller rewards, there are a few gems to find if you look around. Just take your time and don't be careless. The fish are biting today...

Hammer SuitEdit

1-3 Suit

Getting the hammer suit here is trickier than it might seem. It's in an interior section behind the underwater blockade, so you need the P-Switch to get through. However, if you activate the switch where it is, you won't get all the way through in time.

To get the suit, you have to carefully pick up the switch, carry it to the blockade, and activate it there. Still, be quick and watch out for hazards. This early suit isn't a freebie!


1-3 Life1

This extra life hides inconspicuously atop the first shrine. Getting it is as simple as jumping up there and smacking it with a shell. It's at the absolute top of the screen, so pay attention or you might miss it!

1-3 Life2

Another 1-Up hides on the far right of the level. Jump up on the small patch of land to hit the invisible block containing it.

1-3 Life3

If you found the hammer suit earlier (and managed to keep it), you can smash away the blocks containing the 3-Up moon. Without the suit, you're just out of luck!

Other SecretEdit

1-3 Secret

A pair of hidden blocks above the second shrine have a few more coins for you, should you jump up there and hop around. These blocks are more of a decoy to throw you off the second 1-Up's trail.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Surrounded by jelectros under the first pipe.
  2. In an alcove to the left in the second lake.
  3. Surrounded by jelectros on the right of the second lake.
  4. Among the pipes in the interior section.
  5. Above the shrine in the final section.


This is one of the few stages in Super RMN World that was originally made for another project. There was another collaborative SMBX game on RMN that never got off the ground. Deckiller was one of the few who were in on it, and he requested that the couple stages he made for it be repurposed for RMN World. Forest Temple is the only other.