Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Ending" from Super Mario Bros. 3
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 5
Yoshis: 8
Shoes: 4
1-Ups: 7 (1 Moon)
Kelly: Yes
SMBX for Dummies

This stage serves as the game's tutorial. It makes learning fun! Every aspect of how the game plays is covered somewhere within. It's broken up into separate chambers that pertain to specific mechanics: Basic Platforming, Advanced Platforming, Pick-Me-Ups, Basic Power-Ups, Advanced Power-Ups, and Rainbow Rides.

The chambers are entered via portraits, just like in the World Gallery. Barring a few hazards, the stage is almost completely safe. However, there are secrets for those who care to explore. Kelly's hanging out in the Basic Power-Ups section, by the way.

Not-So-Secret SuitsEdit

0-1 Suits

Since this stage teaches all about the game, the tanooki and hammer suits are available in the Advanced Power-Ups section. However, you can't take them with you!

None of the hazards in the chamber can harm you, and the path back to the entrance is laced with falling leaves. If you manage to sneak out a suit, you're either very clever or very lucky.

Rainbow RidesEdit

0-1 Rides

Like the suits, various Yoshis and shoes are available to play with in the Rainbow Rides section. Also like the suits, escaping with them isn't meant to be possible.

To sneak out a Yoshi, try licking up a blue shell so you can fly up to the pipe. Unfortunately, this won't work for the shoes. Even Lakitu's Shoe is almost impossible to steal. Although...maybe Luigi could wear one of those shoes for you?


0-1 Secret1

The first 1-Up and 3-Up Moon are hidden together in the Advanced Platforming section. Getting into this chamber requires mastery of duck sliding, duck jumping, and wall-zipping. Or just being small. Whatever works.

0-1 Secret2

The second 1-Up is buried in these bombable blocks at the end of the Pick-Me-Ups section. Link can just as easily stab it out, but where's the fun in that? Just be careful not to blow yourself up while getting it!

0-1 Secret3

The third 1-Up is also Link-related. In the right side of the Advanced Power-Ups section, there's a row of grey blocks Link can destroy with the black pendant. After all the blocks are removed, you can duck/jump/slide into the tunnel and wall zip to the secret! Or just be small like earlier. Your choice.

0-1 Secret4

The final secret is on the left in the Rainbow Rides section. In the Clown Car area, the ? block in the lower left is just waiting to be smashed open. You can use the car or the billy gun to do the job, or even a tail if you have one.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In the Basic Platforming section, next to the sign explaining what it is.
  2. In the Advanced Platforming section, above the bubbled mushroom blocks.
  3. In the Pick-Me-Ups section, hiding in a Yoshi egg.
  4. In the Basic Power-Ups section, above the podoboo.
  5. In the Advanced Power-Ups section, above the grinder's rail line.