This original character of halibabica's plays the role of whimsical storyteller. Pyth appears at the start of every gallery and recounts a different piece of "The Legend of RMN Bros." Of course, Kelly knows this is a load of bull-honky, but Pyth doesn't let up on the tale's pretenses for even one second.

The story itself is that of the RMN Bros. series, starting with its inception and continuing up to the very World Gallery itself. It also branches to cover the territory of Super Talking Time Bros., which is where most of the controversy came from to begin with. Whatever regrets the past may hold, Pyth's not afraid to tell it like it is...with mythical flare, that is.

Pyth's full name is Pythagoras, and it was shortened starting with this game. He appears in halibabica's old comic series, Artists at the Ready. The comics themselves are very old and poorly drawn, but Pyth is as ready to leave all that behind as his creator is.