Creator: nin8halos
BGM: "Overworld" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB1)
Secret BGM: "Underworld" from Super Mario Bros.
Fight BGM: "Fight Against Koopa" from Super Mario RPG
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: No
4-8 Persistence of Memory

Another art stage! This one is themed after the portrait it bears the title of. You know, the one with all the melty clocks?

It's also an SMB1-style level, even to the point where you can only scroll the screen right. There's no turning back the further you go in, and many of its secrets are sensitive to timing and choice. And there's a boss at the end. Yay!

Hammer SuitEdit

4-8 Suit
Getting the hammer suit is a multi-step process that all begins after the checkpoint. First, follow the melted clock platforms to the upper road and take the second pipe. You'll emerge in this bonus room. Hidden blocks above the exit pipe lead to the ? blocks above.

One of the blocks contains a stopwatch. You'll want to be running full-tilt when you grab it. Dash to the left, jump down, and exit through the pipe.

You emerge outside while the timer is still ticking. From here, enter the pipe immediately to your left. In this second bonus room, three goombas are suspended in midair by the stopwatch. Bounce off them to reach the big ? block with the hammer suit. Alternatively, you could peg them with ice balls to freeze them in midair, but this is less reliable since the ice balls are frozen in time as well. This is the most difficult suit to get in the entire game.


4-8 Life1

The first 1-Up is found a short way into the first section. An invisible block is hidden at the edge of the shortest pipe. Luigi can get up here fine, but any other character will need a boost from the nearby goomba. The shroom is in a block above the highest pipe.

4-8 Life2

The second extra life is in the first underground secret. The entrance is down the first pipe you see after the first 1-Up. It's in the second brick from the right, but you can't get it if you can't break the other bricks out of the way.

4-8 Life3

The final extra life requires the stopwatch in the second section. Grabbing the watch, you have to hurry past all the hammer bros. and through the checkpoint. The 1-Up is in a bubble on the lower ledge. If time isn't frozen, the bubble pops and the shroom scoots off the cliff. Getting it along with the RMN coin along the way is quite tricky, but not nearly as tough as getting the hammer suit.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Over the cliff under the first extra life.
  2. In the air at the end of the first section.
  3. Under the clouds after the checkpoint.
  4. In the second underground bonus room.
  5. High in the sky before the boss fight.

Boss: Giant LakituEdit

4-8 Fight
This gargantuan tortoise is the master of projectiles! He flings hammers, flaming spiny eggs, and all sorts of minions from his cloud platform. If you got the hammer suit earlier, taking him down is a piece of cake. If not, you'll have to do it the hard way.

Your source of ammo is the various enemies the cloud spits out. Goombas are no help, but koopas and paratroopas can be stomped for their shells. Kick these into Lakitu to hurt him. Four whacks, and he's knocked out of the sky. Most of your trouble will come from avoiding his vicious barrage.