Creator: The Five Judges
BGM: "Castle Bleck" from Super Paper Mario
Pre-Fight BGM: "Item Room Ambience" from Super Metroid
Fight BGM: "I'm Not Nice" from Super Paper Mario
Finale BGM: "The Ultimate Show" from Super Paper Mario
Epilogue BGM: "Dire, Dire Docks" from Super Mario 64
Main Power-Up: Leaf
1-Ups: 4
Kelly: Yes
9-X Our Gracious Host
The final level is almost like five stages in one! Like in the World Gallery, you need star keys to unlock the path forward, and there's one in each of the judges' trials. However, because star keys are collected permanently, you don't have to do all four trials every time. Once you have the keys, those paths are finished for good.

Kelly's there to see you before the final battle and to congratulate you after. Eli's one messed up host, so finishing him off won't be easy!


9-X Life1

In Deckiller's Trial, if you go to the left side of the upper area before lowering the water, you can hit the ? block there for an extra life.

9-X Life2

In nin8halos' Trial, there comes a point where you're forced close to the lava with hopping Thwimps in a fairly narrow space. However, this part of the level can be passed over from above, and a bubbled shroom can be found along the way.

9-X Life3

In Isrieri's Trial, another bubbled 1-Up can be found near the top of the screen. To get it, you must wait for the shifting blocks to be in position and bounce off Firebrand's head.

9-X Life4

In DarklordKeinor's Trial, an extra life is found in this small alcove. Getting it's as simple as braving the stakes enclosing it.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In Deckiller's Trial next to the second underwater ball n' chain.
  2. In nin8halos' Trial on a platform with a Hothead.
  3. In Isrieri's Trial, found by defeating Reznor.
  4. In DarklordKeinor's Trial in the alcove by the moving chain.
  5. In Judgment between the fences at the start.

Mini-Boss: EliEdit

9-X Fight1
After clearing the four judge trials and the Judgment section, you finally get a proper checkpoint before the final battles commence. Eli's feeling pessimistic about your opinion of his gallery, and decides murdering you in lava is the best course of action.

Getting through this phase requires quick movement and good timing. As the level descends into the lava, vases with buried bombs can be found on the sides. Be sure you're clear of the stairs before tossing a bomb. Eli takes three hits, but there are only six bombs. Take too long, and a lava bath is guaranteed. It's possible to run up high enough and jump on Eli, but there's not much room to share on his little platform, and he can't be hurt while flailing.

Final Boss: Slender EliEdit

9-X Fight2
After trouncing Eli once, the level stops sinking and another boss door appears. It drops you far into the depths of the castle, where you find Eli waiting again...except this time he's huge and taken an uncanny resemblance to Slender Man.

He fires Rinka Rings from his eyes and spawns Paratroopas from his hands and tentacles. Use the Koopas as ammo to bust up his head. Be careful, since he can block shells with the palms of his hands. If something goes wrong and there are more than one Koopa present, use the Koopa Nuker to remove them all. It starts you with a fresh homing Paratroopa, though, which may not be best for you.

Really Final Boss: Eli AgainEdit

9-X Fight3

10 clonks on the head and Slender Eli's face explodes...but what's this? It's still not over?! Eli returns to his normal form for one last desperate shot at victory. He's no different than Larry Koopa from the game's beginning at this point, so give him three good whacks, and you'll finally knock some sense into him.

He retreats to the room above, comes to a shocking realization, and departs from the Mario universe, never to return.

Final SecretEdit

9-X Secret

The cliff to the right of the final section isn't bottomless. If you don't want to risk having to fight the final battles again, you'd probably just grab the star, but you'd miss out on the judges' alcove below.

Each of the game's five judges appears here to say their piece, as well as halibabica himself. See? They aren't bad guys after all.


Originally, the Judgment section followed a format similar to that of Bowser's Castle from Super Mario World, where one of four short sections was proceeded through twice. Each section was themed after one of the gimmicks in the World Gallery, but they were all terribly implemented and universally rejected by the other judges. halibabica redesigned the final section into what it is now, and was ultimately more satisfied with it.