Creator: pyrodoom
BGM: "Daring Do's Oil Ocean Zone" by KingSpartaX37
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
Suits: 1
Yoshis: 2
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: No
6-6 Oil Oasis

The Koopa Klan has struck oil in the desert! And it's boiling hot, apparently. Falling in the oil is instant death, so...don't do that!

Watch out for the Chargin' Chucks who are digging up rocks to throw, and the oily Podoboos that threaten your ride along the skull rafts. Yoshi's out there somewhere if you're clever enough to find him. If not, just read below.

Hammer SuitEdit

6-6 Suit

The hammer suit is hidden on the high girder at the start of the stage. Even bouncing off Chuck won't get you up there, but you find the means later in the level.

You can grab a springboard from the pipe spawning them further in and bring it back to the beginning. You need to take the high road and drop down before the pipe to the bonus area. Alternatively, you could get Yoshi from the vault and jump off him instead.


6-6 Ride1

The bonus room is a little tricky. The good prizes (Yoshi and an extra life) are in the row of blocks that are sealed off. The RMN coin is positioned above these two invisible blocks, one of which holds the P-Switch. If you hit the switch, you can bust through the lower row of ? blocks by hitting the coins out of them.

However, every block in the row contains multiple coins, so you have to hit them repeatedly to get through. No wonder the reward is so nice.

6-6 Ride2

After the checkpoint, the RMN coin you see is too high to reach. Luckily, an invisible block with another red Yoshi is directly beneath it. If you lost yours from earlier, here's your second chance. If you still have the first Yoshi, you can jump off him to reach the coin.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Over the first oil pit.
  2. Inside the bonus section.
  3. Against a high wall after the springboard.
  4. In the air after the checkpoint.
  5. Above the metal blocks after the final raft ride.