Creator: wildwes
BGM: "Walking the Plains" from New Super Mario Bros.
Secret BGM: "Overworld" from Super Mario All-Stars (SMB1)
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: Yes
4-2 Mushroom Heights

This pleasant athletic stage looks like a classic from SMB1, but it has a few of its own traits to give it a unique feel. For starters, the New Super Mario Bros. music gives it a calm, upbeat feel. It also features clouds shifting lazily back and forth. Sometimes it's decorative, and sometimes you have to jump a bit more carefully.

Kelly's only here to make fun of you, so don't mind her. Just ignore the absurdity of it all and hop along.


4-2 Life1

This high-up ? block contains the stage's first 1-Up. Even Luigi can't reach it with a jump, but there are koopas nearby. You could bounce off one to hit it, or grab a shell and kick it up there. Just don't let your shroom escape off the cliff.

4-2 Life2

The second 1-Up is in the first secret area, found through a pipe immediately after the first 1-Up. The ground-level bonus section seems pretty plain at a glance, but you'll find this extra life in an invisible block if you check above the exit pipe.

Other SecretEdit

4-2 Secret

This vine doesn't lead to a secret section, but there are some shifting clouds with an RMN coin up there. The block it's in is invisible, but there's a hint on the matching pipe setup across the pit from it. Just don't let the nearby goombas catch you in the corner.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above a moving cloud shortly after Kelly.
  2. In the ground-level secret.
  3. On a high platform after the checkpoint.
  4. On a longer high platform a little after coin #3.
  5. In the clouds at the top of the vine.