Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Floro Sapien Caverns" from Super Paper Mario
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: Yes
3-2 Mr. Burns
Contrary to what may be expected, this is an ice level and has nothing to do with a wicked old cartoon billionaire. It's a Luigi stage, but it's a little more than that: it's a Mr. L stage! Hitting the black block at the start turns you into Luigi's evil alter ego from Super Paper Mario! Once he gets his hands on a fire flower, the level's title starts to make more sense.

Just make sure you don't go crazy with those fireballs. Thawing out the muncher plants will make things hazardous for you.

Tanooki SuitEdit

3-2 Suit

The suit for this stage not only requires that you be Mr. L, but also that you keep a fire flower 'til the very end. With both requirements met, the tanooki suit in the big ? block is all yours.

Don't mind Kelly's sassy remarks.


3-2 Life1

The first 1-Up is hidden at the start of the stage. Wander up the hill to the left and jump at the edge of the screen. That's where the invisible block is!

3-2 Life2

The second 1-Up is hidden in a bonus room off the first section. Enter the first of the three ceiling pipes to get in. You have limited white blocks with which to get your reward, but if you stand on top of the right tower and throw from there, you'll find the extra life.

There's also a fire flower in the block on the bottom left. The rest merely contain coins.

Other SecretsEdit

3-2 Secret1

If you have a fire flower after the checkpoint, you can melt through these few ice blocks and nab a bunch of coins in the shaft. An RMN coin waits at the top as an extra bonus.

3-2 Secret2

This unassuming brick block contains a whopping twenty coins. This would be a nightmare for most characters to collect, but Mr. L can knock them all out of the block at once. Bounce up to hit it and you'll be showering in coins!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Against the ceiling near the start.
  2. Above the snowball bro before the underwater pipe.
  3. On the far right of the underwater section.
  4. In the ice shaft of the third section.
  5. Behind an ice wall near the level's end.