Creator: nin8halos
BGM: "Jazz Plumber Trio" by djpretzel (
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower/Leaf
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: No
1-6 Mondrian Grid

What? The World Gallery has actual art in it?

This stage is themed after Mondrian grid-style works of art, wherein simple colors and blocky designs are used. Everything in the level is converted to this visual thematic, and the level feels completely distinct because of it.

Avoid getting smashed by the moving colored blocks, and you'll be okay. Finding the secrets requires just a little intuition.


1-6 Life1

The first 1-Up is near the top of the screen in the first section. Ride this blue block up and jump over the walls to reach the ? block with the mushroom.

1-6 Life2

The other two extra lives are hidden together at the top of the tall shaft in the second section. You'll need a leaf to get up and the runway isn't ideal, but the lives and coins are a nice reward.

Other SecretsEdit

1-6 Secret1

Near the start of the second section, you can find a small treasure trove if you get on the left side of this moving blue wall. Jump the small gaps and hug the right wall when you descend. You'll find a stash of coins and an RMN coin below.

1-6 Secret2

In the final section, getting on top of the shifting platforms is the trick to reaching one last cluster of coins before the stage ends. The final RMN coin is up there, too.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In the air near the end of the first section.
  2. In the stash at the start of the second section.
  3. Above the ? blocks midway through the second section.
  4. Above the pipes leading out of the second section.
  5. On the upper route of the final section.