Creator: halibabica
BGM: "The Dungeon is Full of Monsters" from Super Mario RPG
Exterior BGM: "Hard-Working Moles are Good Moles" from Super Mario RPG
Fight BGM: "Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster" from Super Mario RPG
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
1-8 Moleville Mines
This stage is inspired by its namesake from Super Mario RPG. It goes through the location, mini-boss, and boss of the area it's based on. Even the monsters are styled to fit the throwback. SMRPG fans are in for a treat!

The mines themselves are full of explosives. Mini-bombs are harmless unless they blow up next to you, but the regular bob-ombs won't go off normally. Stay on your toes, as the crooks, magmites, and enigmas are waiting at every turn!


1-8 Life1

Even the boss stages have their secrets. The first 1-Up of the level is outside the mine. If you ride the friendly mole from the beginning of the stage, you can reach this ledge by jumping off his head. The shroom is in an invisible block above.

1-8 Life2

The second 1-Up can be found deep in the mine. Before crossing the treacherous platforms, there's an invisible block with a vine leading up top. The extra life waits at the end of the rafters.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In the entrance to the mine.
  2. Along the upper route in the first mine section.
  3. Carried by a crook in the second mine section.
  4. On a high platform in the third mine section.
  5. Higher up in the boss section.

Mini-Boss: CrocoEdit

1-8 Fight1

Croco is a mercifully easy enemy to fight. His three crooks make things tricky, but if you avoid going too far into the room, they won't be a problem. Stomping Croco once will make him scurry quickly down to the bottom, but he can be defeated instantly by a fireball or spin jump.

Once he's beaten, a detonator appears that lets you climb further into the mine. You didn't think it was over already, did you?

Boss: PunchinelloEdit

1-8 Fight2

This desperate nutjob throws mezzo bombs that are so heavy, they can't be picked up. However, they can be stood on, and when one hits the middle platform, you can jump up to a vase that grows vegetables. Use these to take out the goofy puppet.

After four hits, Punchinello stomps in a rage. You can try to kill him while he does, but after a few moments, a king bomb falls from the ceiling and crushes him. Even this is true to the original fight.