Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Zone2" from Hero Core
Fight BGM: "Boss" from Hero Core
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 4 (1 Moon)
Kelly: No
8-B Mario Core
It's Hero Core, by Daniel Remar! Wait, no, it's just a level styled after that game! But of course!

This stage is a retro maze. Like the game that inspired it, each section is just one screen, and they're arranged into a 4x4 grid (16 sections in all). Your goal, as described by Flip Hero, is to find the three core computers to disable the laser barrier. There's a bonus boss, though, and it's one of the toughest in the game if you don't know its secret.

Unique to this stage are the pallet-swapped Quantum Flowers, which instantly vaporize tough enemies you would not normally be able to, such as the Volcano Lotus!


8-B Life1

At the start of the level, you can jump onto the pipe jutting from the left wall. A gigantic invisible block contains a 1-Up there.

8-B Life2

The secret room mentioned later seems to contain only a quantum flower, but further digging unearths this 3-Up moon.

Other SecretsEdit

8-B Secret1

Not so much a secret as it is an exploring technique; these flags are worth more than just ten points and a coin. You can use them as guideposts for where you have and haven't explored. Since the level is a small maze and you need to find three computers in it, knowing where you've been is very helpful.

8-B Secret2

The blocks with specks missing from them are sand, and like other sand blocks in Mario, they can be dug up. Most of them don't yield much besides an RMN coin, but this one in particular conceals the bonus room mentioned above.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. In the chamber all the way to the right from the start.
  2. Sealed off by a pipe in the middle room.
  3. In the top right corner of the left path.
  4. Above the core computer on the right path.
  5. Behind a wall of sand on the top path.

Boss: SilencerEdit

8-B Fight
Not only is the stage themed after Hero Core, but the boss comes straight from that game, too! This humongous machine drifts about the room in a set pattern, smashing into the walls, floor, and ceiling. It fires energy bullets from its center constantly, and spawns Paragoombas when it stops. You have to break the barriers on either side of it to hurt its core.

The trick to beating it is not to throw the white blocks. If you hold one next to a barrier, it'll take constant damage until it breaks. The core only takes two hits, so this cuts down the fight time considerably. If you still have trouble, it spawns a quantum flower every time it stops on the floor. Read its movement pattern and plan accordingly!