Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Gangnam Style" by PSY
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 2
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: No
6-4 Koopa Rave
It's a Koopa night club! Nearly everything in this stage is bobbing or flashing. The bouncy note blocks can be tough to work with, but at least they keep the things moving.

Koopas are partying everywhere, and there are even some Koopa Kingdom VIPs to be found. Oh, and the music is Gangnam Style. Yep.

Secret SuitsEdit

6-4 Suit1

The stage has one each of the secret suits, but you'll have to fight for them. Battling PSY-PSY is optional, but if you choose to do so, the tanooki suit is your reward.

6-4 Suit2

Getting the hammer suit's a little tougher. If you beat PSY-PSY and go on to defeat Wendy, the suit will appear at the end of the level. However, this will only happen if do it all in one try. If you die and restart from the checkpoint, you've missed your chance.


6-4 Life1

In the center of the peculiar coin formation at the start, you'll find an invisible block with an extra life.

6-4 Life2

The bubbled shroom in the jellyfish tank is plain as day, but finding the entrance pipe is the trick. There are four pipes on the third floor, but only one of them is the same color as the one in the tank.

6-4 Life3

The final 1-Up is on the top floor of the second section. A Paratroopa is bobbing up and down between these blocks. Most people would just go above it, but the block it's guarding contains the shroom!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. High above the first dance floor.
  2. In the middle of the second floor.
  3. In a tight spot on the third floor.
  4. In the top right of the second section.
  5. Above note blocks in the middle of the second section.

Mini-Boss: PSY-PSYEdit

6-4 Fight1

After making twenty-two appearances in Super RMN Bros. 3, Boom-Boom has cleaned up his act and become a classy pop singer. He's not a bad dancer, either.

Hitting the 'Yes' block starts the fight, while hitting 'No' skips it. He's mercifully easy to beat, but you may opt out if you're lacking in power-ups. If you stand on the middle platform and wait 'til he's crouched underneath, he'll pounce up into your boots and defeat himself.

Mini-Boss: Wendy O. KoopaEdit

6-4 Fight2
Wendy gives you a challenge you can't refuse. Unlike PSY-PSY, she's not such a pushover. Her fast movement, high jumps, and spell rings are plenty to make her formidable. It's not as straight-forward as the fight you had with Larry in World 1.

Sticking to the high ground is a good way to stay safe. Wendy's most vulnerable after jumping or firing, so look for your opportunities. If you have a fire flower, you can try to peg her with fireballs from above. Incidentally, the last ? block you see before the fight contains one, but you need something to hit it open.