The self-proclaimed stealthy cat-chick extraordinaire, Kelly is a mysterious ally in the World Gallery. She appeared as a mini-boss and supporting character in Super RMN Bros. 3 and Super RMN All-Stars, but in this game, she's on your side. She knows what's going on in the mind of halibabica's twisted self-insert, and she wants to help him by helping you defeat him.

She appears throughout the World Gallery as a supplemental storyteller to Pyth. She gives the true account and events behind all the happenings that led to this situation. She also appears in many levels to offer advice, though sometimes she just makes witty jabs at you.

Kelly's an original character of halibabica, and she can be seen in some of his oldest comic series. She started out in The Kelly Chronicles and appeared again in Artists at the Ready, as well as a few other side comics by halibabica. Be warned, most of the works involving her are very out of date, and just not very good in general. Can a great character be borne of a bad upbringing? Just maybe.