Creator: Isrieri
BGM: "Air Man Remix" from Chom Studios
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
Yoshis: 1
Kelly: Yes
7-5 Gusty Indeed!

You can't hear it, but if Kelly's statement is any indication, the wind is fast and loud in this gusty stage! Luckily, it has no impact on the physics whatsoever.

It's a rail lift stage like Chocolate Canyon before it, but much more dastardly and difficult. What, did you expect otherwise from Isrieri? The green rail lifts can be toggled with switch blocks placed throughout the stage, and whether they're on or off makes a big difference on how the level's played.

Hammer SuitEdit

7-5 Suit

The stage may not have many secrets, but finding the hammer suit is a bit of a doozy. As you near the end of the stage, green switch blocks will shut you out if you don't turn them off. However, while they're turned on, a green door appears where shown. To get inside, you have to bypass the switch blocks by going up above the level. There's a Lakitu with a ladder you can climb to get up there, but you'll have to fly if you want to keep Yoshi from earlier.


7-5 Ride

A short distance from where you see Kelly, this block sits high up on a cloud. You can kick an enemy up into it to free Yoshi, but you can't get up there without flying...unless you grab the Ninji from further down the road. Jump off its head to reach the clouds above and get your dino. He's blue, so his ability to fly with any koopa shell is very handy here.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Over the pit between two sets of switch blocks.
  2. On the fence over the pit before the checkpoint.
  3. Above a high platform after the three green switch platforms.
  4. On a rail lift below a fence.
  5. Between two horizontal rail lifts near the level's end.