Creator: nin8halos
BGM: "Fascist Francisco Franco Dictator Catholic Basilica Valley Fallen España" by BK Bazhe
Fight BGM: "Factory" from Castle Crashers
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
6-8 Guernica

Another art-themed stage by nin8halos, this time inspired by the war portrait, Guernica. A grim haze hangs over the entire stage. Parts of the ground collapse as you approach them, and Bullet Bills fly all around. Pipes spout flames on and off; some constantly. It really is a war zone! Whatever you do, don't panic. Rushing ahead is more dangerous than taking it step by step, although at least one of these secrets requires some quick thinking.


6-8 Life1

After the checkpoint, an array of flaming pipes leads to an upper path. Climbing to the top earns you a 1-Up, but if you get hurt during the climb, you won't be able to bust through the flip blocks at the top.

6-8 Life2

The 1-Up near the end of the stage seems like you need to be quick to get it, but even running through the falling platforms at max speed won't get you there. The trick to claiming it is to fly. If you start at the boss door on the right, you can run to the left and gain enough momentum to take off.

Other SecretsEdit

6-8 Secret1

The first dark-colored pipe you see leads to an underground section. It's more of an alternate route than a secret, since it has a few hazards and not a lot of bonus stuff. You'll find an RMN coin and an extra power-up to work with, but that's about it.

6-8 Secret2

This is the one thing you do need to be fast to get. If you don't cross the first array of falling blocks quickly enough, you'll never reach this ice flower in time. A pair of Bullet Bills fire near the end of the collapse, and you can bounce off them if you have good timing. Otherwise, the timing for getting up there is very tight.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above the Hammer Bro at the start.
  2. In the first underground section.
  3. Above a row of blocks in the first collapse.
  4. Between the flaming pipes leading to the first 1-Up.
  5. High above the Chargin' Chucks before the second collapse.

Boss: Machine for PigsEdit

6-8 Fight
The disappointing sequel to Amnesia? No, that's just where the name comes from! This giant mechanical pig tries to smash you with its fists when you get too close. It spawns Hammer Bros. and Chargin' Chucks as the fight goes on, and lights up the arena with flames! It may seem simple, but it'll get you if you're not careful.

The button on its head is the weak spot. Each press makes the fight a bit harder, though. After four, you've cleared the challenge. If you bring in a hammer suit, you can destroy the fists for a static array of platforms. This make things much easier, have to get the suit from another stage.