Creator: Ratty524
BGM: "Athletic BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 1
Yoshis: 1
1-Ups: 4 (1 Moon)
Kelly: Yes
7-B1 Glass Cannon
Glass. Cannons. Get it?

This strange athletic level pits you against Bullet Bills and glassy floors high in the night sky. Yoshi's easy enough to find, but Kelly's hanging out in the bonus room. Use the leaf power-ups you find to make more precise jumps, and watch out for Banzai Bills!

Tanooki SuitEdit

7-B1 Suit

A short way before the checkpoint, a Banzai Bill and a couple Paratroopas precede this glass platform near the top of the stage. One of the bricks contains a vine, and that leads to the sky bonus room with Kelly and the tanooki suit. She mentions how cool the suit's powers are. Maybe you should use them here?


7-B1 Life1

In this low alcove after the first cracked wall, an invisible block contains a 1-Up shroom. Incidentally, this is just before the point where you can reach the sky secret from.

7-B1 Life2

Kelly wasn't just complimenting the tanooki suit's fancy abilities. Petrifying in the sky bonus reveals invisible blocks leading up. Fly up to them and hit the ? block at the top. It'll extend a vine even higher to reveal the 3-Up moon.

Other SecretEdit

7-B1 Secret1

The RMN coin after the checkpoint may seem like you need to fly to it, but there are blocks hidden against the wall to help you climb up.

7-B1 Secret

The ladder at the stage's end forces you to leave the billy gun behind, but you can find another in this high ? block. The block with the vine is invisible, but you can jump from it to bump out the billy gun. This makes the final stretch easier and lets you get the final RMN coin, too.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On a high platform before the first cracked wall.
  2. On a high platform after the first cracked wall.
  3. Above the Paratroopas leading to the sky section.
  4. On a high ledge after the checkpoint.
  5. In the vault behind the final cracked wall.


Originally, this stage contained no Banzai Bills and Ratty524 was highly averse to adding them. Upon halibabica's insistence and in spite of the other judges' protests, a handful of them were included.