Creator: nin8halos
BGM: "Melancholy Dreams" by Vurez
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
7-6 Guardians of the Secret
This mysterious stage is unlike anything else in the entire game. Based on the artwork it bears the name of, it's a strange, colorful temple that is fittingly chock full of secrets. It's only tied for secret count by Arid Acropolis, but in spite of this, it only has two extra lives and no Yoshis, shoes, or special suits.

Also indicated by the title, these secrets are not unguarded. Koopas, Rexes, and Fuzzies are crawling all over, and the fire-spitting statues blend right in. If you're going to rob this place, stay on your toes!


7-6 Life1

After the checkpoint, four fire statues stand on flip blocks. The third block doesn't contain a coin, so hitting it causes the statue to fall and reveal a door. Inside, this block contains an extra life.

7-6 Life2

In the final section, a fire statue on the left has a few coins above it. They indicate an invisible block containing another 1-Up.

Other SecretsEdit

7-6 Secret1

Near the start of the stage, four flip blocks extend into the ground. Characters that spin jump can smash down into the secret room. There are only a bunch of coins in there, but it does skip ahead a little further into the stage.

7-6 Secret2

At the end of the first section, the coins against the wall are underneath an invisible block with a feather. If you took the path from secret #1, it puts you past this point, but you can still backtrack to get it.

7-6 Secret3

The exit of the first secret puts you here, where a treasure trove can be seen beneath the floor. Pressing the block next to the statue shifts the floor right and allows you inside.

7-6 Secret4

Just before the checkpoint, these narrow flip block corridors hold a secret. Spin jumping to smash the blocks away, you can press the stone switch on the right to open the vault on the left.

7-6 Secret5

In the same chamber as the first 1-Up, you can ascend to the top of the solid-looking stone structure. A stone switch on the left removes the interior and reveals a big stash of coins.

7-6 Secret6

Near the top of the final section, one last stone switch reveals another vault of coins. There's an RMN coin in the middle, but watch out! This secret is also a trap! Four fire statues appear on both sides when the switch is pressed, and you fall right inside!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Between two torches near the start.
  2. In the chamber beneath the floor of the second section.
  3. To the left of the entrance in the third section.
  4. Above the fire statue leading to the first 1-Up.
  5. In the final secret vault.

Mini-Boss?: Guard DogEdit

7-6 Fight

This lazy mutt was supposed to be guarding the star, but it's encased in stone and no longer any threat. If you stand around too long, it'll barf multicolored art concepts at you, but there's no actual fighting involved here. Just run underneath it.

This dog used to be the boss of World 6 before nin8halos came up with an idea he liked better; that being the Machine for Pigs.