Creator: Ratty524
BGM: "Metro Madness Act 2" from Sonic the Hedgehog: Before the Sequel
Main Power-Up: Leaf
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: Yes
8-4 Funky Frantic Fortress
This futuristic fortress is run (overrun?) by strange little critters called Ratties. The rodents have a speech impediment and a penchant for designing Mario levels. Agent Toad suspects they're up to no good, so it's up to you to expose their evil plans!

Kelly doesn't seem too worried, though. She'll greet you at the checkpoint room, along with other pacifistic Ratties. Just what's going on in this place?


8-4 Life1

At the start of the stage, jump up from the highest ? block to find an invisible one. Keep going up to find two more, and they'll lead you to the upper entrance of the fortress. Inside is a nice bunch of coins and an extra life in a block.

8-4 Life2

In the second section, an invisible block can be found against the wall after the falling platforms. It has another 1-Up inside (surprise).

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above a platform near the blue switch blocks.
  2. Above the falling platforms in the second section.
  3. Inside an electric barrier in the third section.
  4. On a ledge near the end of the third section.
  5. In the passage after the mini-boss fight.

Mini-Boss: Ratty 165Edit

8-4 Fight

A crazy green Ratty stands between you and the end, and he has a mighty tank with which to stop you! The machine looks impressive, but it's not nearly as dangerous as it seems. The cannons out front fire Bullet Bills, but they can't shoot if you're standing in front of them. Hop to the top of the tank just after they fire.

Ratty 165 can be taken out by almost any means, even by throwing a fireball. No matter how you beat him, you still have to pass his electric barrier, which is just a matter of timing. Once he's trounced, you can find the Ratties' secret project: a cupcake machine.


The joke behind this stage began in Brickroad's Let's Play of the original Super RMN Bros.,  wherein he commented on Ratty524's username, saying all 524 ratties couldn't put their heads together to make a good level. Times have changed, and Ratty524 is a much more capable developer now, but that's the origin of the Ratties.

Also, Ratty165 was a past username of the creator, which he changed to Ratty524 later.

Ratty 165's tank was revamped by halibabica with Ratty524's permission.