Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Aztec Complex" from Goldeneye 007
Pre-Fight BGM: "Item Room Ambience" from Super Metroid
Fight BGM: "Aztec Boss" from Donkey Kong 64
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: No
4-4 Flight of the Phanto Koopa

This stage was created with a very specific purpose: to teach players how to deal with homing enemies, once and for all! Kelly's not around to help, but Navi appears in the stage to offer advice on dealing with these seemingly unpredictable foes.

If you follow the suggestions you're given, even the battle at the end should be a cinch. Of course, a fire flower makes things much easier.


4-4 Life1

The first 1-Up is hidden right at the start of the stage. An invisible block hides in the little alcove under the array of platforms.

4-4 Life2

The second extra life isn't so easy to get. At the top of the first section, you must bounce off a paratroopa and reverse direction in midair to reach the high ledge. Even if you get up there, you can't collect the 1-Up unless you can break the bricks around it. At least the RMN coin is guaranteed.

Other SecretEdit

4-4 Secret

When you reach the spike bed partway down the second section, one pipe is sticking into the right wall. It's the entrance to the bonus room, where hitting the P-Switch floods the place with coins. There are enough to score a couple 1-Ups, plus an RMN coin in the middle. The exit puts you right over the checkpoint. How nice!

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above a paratroopa in the first arena.
  2. Above a paratroopa at the top of the first section.
  3. High over the spikes before the secret room.
  4. Among the coins in the P-Switch secret.
  5. Awarded partway through the mini-boss battle.

Mini-Boss: Phanto KoopasEdit

4-4 Fight
The two mini battles leading to the end are just a warm-up! If you haven't figured out how to beat homing enemies by now, this fight could be a problem. Like Navi says, it's safest to stay put. Make the enemies come to you, because going after them is far more dangerous.

You can also kick the shells of the other koopas in the room. Bringing a fire flower into the battle is extremely handy. Even if you're weaponless, a spin jump can smash anything that gets close. Clear all three waves of the fight, and you'll earn your star.