Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Insomnic" by Insomnic (
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
1-Ups: 3
Kelly: Yes
2-4 Egg Factory
This SMB2-themed stage takes almost all its tiles and backgrounds from Super Metroid. The egg machines are hatching monsters and explosive red eggs all over the place. Peach is the recommended character for this stage, as her hover ability comes in handy.

Kelly appears in the clown car section to tell you how to destroy the egg machines. Flying the car can be difficult, but put its billy guns to good use and you should be all right.


2-4 Life

All three of the stage's extra lives are part of one big secret, and they're all right at the start of the level! Enter the pipe above you when you begin, and you'll emerge outside the factory.

The first 1-Up is buried among the other plants. If you jump over the outer pole, you'll find an invisible block with the second 1-Up above the tree. If you jump to the green hill from the pole, you'll find the third 1-Up in an invisible block above that tree as well.

Other SecretEdit

2-4 Secret

Not so much a secret as it is a cool trick, but you'll find a conveyor belt switch on the left of the second section. Hitting it will either cause the snifits to face the wall, or send them careening off into the pit. This makes ascending the belts much easier.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Near the tweeter egg machine in the first section.
  2. Below the floor to the right in the second section.
  3. In the ceiling to the left in the second section.
  4. Near the bottom of the wall midway through the third section.
  5. Above Robirdo in the boss section.

Mini-Boss: RobirdoEdit

2-4 Fight

The true egg factory! Robirdo is much taller than regular Birdo and fires enormous eggs. Peach doesn't have such an easy time on the springboards to the left and right, but she doesn't really need them. Her hover ability makes this fight a breeze.

Jumping over Robirdo is easier than it looks. If you hover in the air when it's preparing to fire, you can land on and pick up its egg with no trouble at all. Three clobberings from those, and the battle's over.


This is considered the most controversial level in all of RMN World. It caused the most problems for players up front, and is the stage that has been revised the most since the game's release. Almost all of the trouble was derived from the clown car section, where a misleading setup and awkward mechanics came together to cause players some serious grief. Whether the revisions have solved these problems or not remains to be seen.