Creator: halibabica
BGM: "Deep into the Code" from Doom
Fight BGM: "Facing the Spider" from Doom
Main Power-Up: Ice Flower
Suits: '2
1-Ups: 1
Kelly: No
7-8 Dis Respect
It's a Metroid stage! Wait, no, it's a Doom stage! Wait, no, it's a Metroid stage with Doom music! Wait, no, it's a Metroid stage with Doom music and a hybrid Metroid/Doom boss! Geez!

This level takes you through some Super Metroid caverns that are crawling with that series' nasty bug foes. In spite of most everything being Metroid, the music, boss, and stage title are all references to Doom. You even find a chainsaw! Or buzzsaw, rather.

Secret SuitsEdit

7-8 Suit1

Jumping to the left at the start finds you the buzzsaw and an RMN coin, as a bug flies near the lava below. If you ride this bug all the way to the right, it carries you to a secret room with the hammer suit.

The suit is in a bubble, so you have to knock it down. The POW block inside the egg won't do it, though, and neither will the buzzsaw if you throw it. To get the suit, you have to throw the POW egg into the bubble. It'll pop the bubble, hatch, and knock down the coins too.

7-8 Suit2

In the second section, the path continues up to the left when you could enter the passage in the ceiling. If you jump carefully between the Rippers, you can get high enough to access the big ? block with the tanooki suit inside.


7-8 Life

Partway up the second section, an alcove on the right contains an invisible block with an extra life.

Other SecretEdit

7-8 Secret

The stage is designed to trick you into thinking you can't take the buzzsaw the whole way through. In the first section, you can kick it up onto the ledge before climbing up yourself. In the third, though, it's a little trickier.

You can't climb the vine while carrying it, but if you kick it straight up, grab the vine, and jump off again, you can catch it in midair and carry it to the boss.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Near the buzzsaw to the left of the start.
  2. Guarded by a Ripper near the end of the first section.
  3. Along the left wall in the second section.
  4. Guarded by Hoppers in the third section.
  5. On a platform over the cliff in the boss room.

Boss: Mother MastermindEdit

7-8 Fight

This nasty hybrid enemy is a combination of Metroid's Mother Brain and Doom's Spider Mastermind. The head of the former operates the legs of the latter; super chain gun included. She rides the machine up and down, firing in short bursts. The bullets hit the On/Off switches for the white blocks, negating your ammo supply!

Of course, sometimes they get turned back on, but with 10 HP, it's not a short fight. Duck for cover and throw blocks when you can. If you have the hammer suit or buzzsaw, the fight's a breeze.