Creator: seiromem
BGM: "Forever Forest" from Paper Mario
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 5
Kelly: Yes
5-B1 Cursed Funklen

These mysterious woods seem to have a secret about them. Kelly offers some cryptic advice at the beginning, but what exactly is the curse of the forest?

The secret lies in the stage's layout and the positioning of enemies. It's meant to be run through at maximum speed. If you pay attention and have good reflexes, you can rush through with little trouble, even avoiding the Suus and Hammer Bros. with ease. It's not for the faint of heart. Don't hesitate...or you'll be lost.

Hammer SuitEdit

5-B1 Suit

Near the end of the stage, a Suu sits next to a pipe. If you spin jump off the Suu, you can reach the pipe to enter it. This leads to a secret area with two extra lives and a hammer suit. One of the shrooms is hidden with the suit itself, but you have to earn them both.

At the bottom, step on the P-Switch and start climbing. The room wraps, so you can keep running left to move upward. If you're fast, you'll get through the coin wall before it solidifies again. Doing so nets you the suit and 1-Up.


5-B1 Life1

The first extra life is hidden at the start of the stage. The suspicious ledge underneath Kelly has an invisible block. Just be careful not to let the shroom fall into the pit.

5-B1 Life2

Partway through the first lake, a Suu guards a conspicuous pipe. Braving the foe is well worth it, since the bonus section beyond contains a leaf, an RMN coin, and a 1-Up for your trouble.

5-B1 Life3

Shortly after the previous secret, a bubbled 1-Up is seen floating near a Suu's web line. Spin jump off the Suu to get the shroom. Characters who can't do so are out of luck.

5-B1 Life4

The second secret section has another 1-Up hidden at the bottom. If you jump over the entrance pipe on the left and come out on the right, you can hit the invisible block shown here.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Above Kelly near the start.
  2. Inside the first secret section.
  3. In the air before the checkpoint.
  4. In the air after the second lake.
  5. On the edge of a cliff near the level's end.