Creator: pyrodoom
BGM: "Cloudsdale Sanctuary" by KingSpartaX37 (
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Kelly: No
3-B2 Cloudsdale Sanctuary

This stage is inspired by its BGM, a hybrid remix from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and various Sonic the Hedgehog tracks. The stage itself has some tricky platforming, and it scrolls automatically. Try not to take too many risks, and you should get through just fine.

What the stage lacks in other secrets, it makes up for in coins; absolute boatloads of coins. Don't let the auto-scrolling get you down. Just nab all the cash you can. You'll make out like a bandit! Even the lakitus are throwing money at you!


3-B2 Secret1

Near the start, kicking a shell to the left here will hit both of these ? blocks. This is also the only leaf in the stage, and it makes timing your jumps much easier.

3-B2 Secret2

You may want to trade out your leaf for another power-up when you reach this spot. Holding the jump button will bounce you up and down between the note and ? blocks, collecting the coins more quickly. Of course, they'd all burst out at once if you were Luigi...

3-B2 Secret3

Toward the end of the stage, tossing the springboard forward once puts it roughly in the center of the platform. From there, you can bounce up to collect the gigantic coin heart emblem (and RMN coin).

3-B2 Secret4

If you're desperately in need of extra lives, you can hang out at the end of the level and just let the lakitus shower you with riches. It's not the most exciting way to gain lives, but they'll never stop throwing coins, so you could collect as many as you like. Don't worry about hitting the lakitus. They're harmless.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. On a low note block near the start.
  2. Above a fast-falling donut block.
  3. Below a donut block bridge.
  4. Between two steep clouds.
  5. Inside the coin heart emblem near the end.


The vast majority of the coins in this stage were added in post development by halibabica. It was deemed they were necessary to compensate for the level's set pace. There are 200 in all (not including ones thrown by lakitu).