Creator: kentona
BGM: "Fortress BGM" from Super Mario World
Fight BGM: "Koopaling BGM" from Super Mario World
Main Power-Up: Fire Flower
Suits: 1
Kelly: No
7-4 Castle Crushers

Another nostalgia bombshell from kentona; this castle is a throwback to the gimmicks found in the fortresses of SMW. The first section features trailing yellow flip blocks that snake back and forth over lava pits. The second has platforms that rise and sink, threatening to drown you in lava or smash you between them. But for all its old-school goodness, it has only one secret.

Tanooki SuitEdit

7-4 Suit

Finding a tanooki suit seems a little out of place here, but not everything has to be true to the past. After the initial corridor, the castle opens up to an array of flip blocks. The one on the top left contains a P-Switch. Hitting it lets you enter the floating door which leads to the suit. Getting it's fairly easy, but escaping the castle with it is another story.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. Over the first lava pit.
  2. Above the door leading to the second section.
  3. In the alcove on a shifting stone.
  4. Between two small shifting stones.
  5. In a ceiling alcove shortly after coin #4.

Mini-Boss: Ludwig von KoopaEdit

7-4 Fight

At the end of the stage, Ludwig waits with all his usual tricks. Dodge his fireballs and try to get him before he jumps inside his shell. Three thumps, and he's history.

If you did get this far with the tanooki suit, it can help you in the fight. Turning to stone makes you immune to fireballs, but if you pick up speed before transforming, you can ram into Ludwig to damage him while impervious. It even works when he's in his shell!


In his first attempt at the stage, kentona recreated the shifting flip block platforms that stretch and shrink horizontally and vertically. However, they cause control issues that were impossible to remedy, so they were dropped in favor of the trailing flip blocks instead.