Creator: seiromem
BGM: "Ghost House (Just Plain Creepy Remix)" by ShabobaX
Main Power-Up: Leaf
Suits: 1
1-Ups: 2
Kelly: Yes
8-2 Black Bando's Brigand Bastion
This gloomy castle is overrun by Black Bandos, who would blend in perfectly if not for their red masks and gear. They guard their castle with Ravens, Boos, and fire-spitting Dino-Torches.

Kelly's here to spill the beans on the hiding place of the Bandos' treasures, though she's hardly direct about it. It's all about the columns; broken ones have secrets inside. Don't get creeped out and pay attention to your surroundings.

Hammer SuitEdit

8-2 Suit

The secret isn't revealed so early in the stage, but if you know to look for it, you'll find this hidden block with a chain to climb right at the start. It leads to an upper entrance with a hammer suit in the foyer. Bandos are immune to many attacks, but hammers can still take them out!


8-2 Life1

At the checkpoint, jump straight up. An invisible block with a 1-Up is hidden directly above it.

8-2 Life2

Near the end of the stage, one last broken column contains an extra life for you.

Other SecretsEdit

8-2 Secret1

The first broken column you see after meeting Kelly contains a block with a chain. It leads up to a bubbled ice flower, which you could plainly see, but couldn't obtain otherwise. Ice balls also work on Bandos, so it's a handy power-up to have.

8-2 Secret2

Further up the tower, another broken column has a block full of coins inside. You'd think a gang of thieves would have more cash than this.

8-2 Secret3

Toward the top of the tower, yet another column hides a block with a leaf. Leaves are the most common power-up here, but they do help with the section following this.

RMN CoinsEdit

  1. At the corner of a ceiling shortly into the tower.
  2. Inside a broken column partway up the tower.
  3. In the top left corner of the tower beneath the exit door.
  4. At the end of the second rail lift ride.
  5. Guarded by a Dino-Torch near the level's end.


Originally, the Ravens were normal red Spike Tops, but halibabica insisted they be changed. However, seiromem thought normal pitch-black Ravens would blend in too well, so halibabica made a shadier gray version to stand out against the castle's dark interiors.

The stage also used to end with a Mouser mini-boss fight. The star was in plain view, so all the fight entailed was grabbing it, defeating Mouser instantly. This was deemed too weird to include.

Even older versions of the stage had enemies that moved at twice their normal speed. This was also changed for its abnormality.